Neighborlink Volunteer Project

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Back in mid-November, an elderly man returns from the hospital. He has renal failure, a condition that, if left untreated, can lead to toxicity of the blood, a need for transplant, or even death. He returns home from his treatment to find that his house had caught fire:

It was an enormous loss.

The fire department put the fire out but left a hole in the roof and damaged the back wall. Drywall was severely damaged in several rooms. Smoke and water damage was rampant throughout the home. The structure was left in unlivable conditions.

After this tragedy, his wife and family had no where else to turn to but a loaned RV that sat across the street from the dilapidated house. It had heat, but no water, making for miserable living conditions. There was no insurance on the home, and there were little meaningful financial resources for the family to fall back on. The wife was working desperately to get the home repaired so her family could return to it, but with little luck.

That was when the local community came together.

National SkillsUSA 2017

This year’s SkillsUSA concluded yesterday afternoon after a fulfilling, week-long competition across all aspects of trade and education. Central Indiana IEC executives, Sherri Puckett and Devin Machowiak, hit the road bright and early to make their way to the Louisville Kentucky Exposition Center, where nationals was to be hosted. If you’ve never been there, the Kentucky Exposition Center is a monstrous, sprawling building that had four massive expo halls and a stadium, every inch of which was packed with arenas for the different competitions taking place, and the halls were littered with vendors providing food and beverages for spectators. It was definitely a place to wear your walking shoes: to get from one hall to another was about a ten minute walk.


IEC Graduation 2017

This time of year is always a special period for individuals around the country. Here, all of their hard work is showcased for their friends, family, and employers. The hours spent in class, studying, researching, and working on the job have all lead up to this moment when they finally walk across that stage and receive their certificate from Central Indiana IEC and the Department of Labor, commemorating their accomplishment. Graduation season stretches across these few months depending on the chapter, but we had the opportunity to honor our graduates last Friday, June 9th, 2017.