Maybe You’re just not “College Material”

Our Assistant Executive Director opens up about her college experience, and encourages students to look at all of their options in their senior year of high school:

“Working with your hands doesn’t mean falling short of intellectual achievement. It means that at the end of the day, you have a specialized skill set. It means that you have something physical to show for your work. It means that you can walk away saying, “I did this,” and showcase your abilities in a very objective way.”

Maybe you’re just not “college material”

Instructor Spotlight: Blake Behr

This is it! The end of our Instructor Spotlight Series…. for now. Classes start this Monday, and we’ve got one more teacher to introduce. This gentleman has been instrumental in not only learning our new content management software, but teaching our other instructors as well. He’s constantly looking for ways to improve the program, and challenges each and every one of us to do better. I’m talking, of course, about none other than Blake Behr!

Blake Behr


Instructor Spotlight: Ed Brown



Classes start in less than a week! Can you believe it?! But we’ve still got some time to squeeze in a few more Instructor Spotlights. This week’s instructor is also a graduate from the Apprenticeship Program. But he’s come back to help with one of the most challenging courses, and he does a great job doing it. We’re talking, of course, about none other than Ed Brown!


Ed Brown


Instructor Spotlight: Ian Oliver

Happy Tuesday! You know what that means: it’s time for another Teacher Tuesday, featuring one of our instructors here at Central IN IEC. Not only is Ian also a graduate of our Apprenticeship Program, but he actually owns his own business as well! Check out his Facebook page for Indy Wood & Laser Studio, and be sure to see pictures of his work on Instagram. Now, without further ado, let’s meet Ian!

Ian Oliver


Instructor Spotlight: Alan Parish



Our Teacher Tuesday series continues with none other but our very own Alan Parish! Alan is actually a graduate from Central Indiana IEC who started his own business, and is now sending his own apprentices through the program! Alan co-owns AMPED Electrical Services, which was featured as a case study for a vehicle marketing company. You can also find them on their Facebook page, where they already have a 5 star rating. Now, let’s go ahead and meet the man behind the company, Alan!



Alan Parish