Mike Einterz Lien Law Seminar

This past Friday the 13th, Mike Einterz joined Central IN IEC for a Lien Law Lunch N’ Learn. But although seemingly complex, it wasn’t as scary as the date would have implied!

Mike covered a variety of topics such as:

  • When liens are required on a building: if they were residential, commercial, and how to file bond claims
  • When litigation is necessary and how to avoid it with the correct paperwork to protect the contractor
  • How politics and the economy will effect the job market and the industry
  • How to target the skills gap
  • Finally, he stressed the need to have lawyers review contracts. Put it in your budget for a few hours for your attorney to review paperwork, because chances are, it will save you money in the long run.

Mike’s audience was very interactive, asking many questions throughout the presentation. Our contractors vary in size and age of inception, but they all came away with a lot of good information to protect their businesses!

Mike has been an asset of the IEC for years, and we appreciate the time he took to be with us Friday. If you’re in need of legal advice or a consultation, be sure to send him an email, or visit his website.

Thank you Mike! We look forward to working with you even more in the future!

Contractor Member Provides Disaster Relief

InPwr has always had a sense of civic duty, and with all of the devastation that has been wrought from the hurricanes, now is no exception. Brian Inskeep, of InPwr, deployed and asked for assistance for a relief team back when Harvey struck, and he’s back at it again.

His team is currently in Puerto Rico, where over 90% of the territory is left without power. Their Disaster Team has deployed once again, and we are so proud that our member is striving to make a difference!


Would you like to begin our Apprenticeship Program but missed the August 21st deadline? Are you ambitious, hard working, and not wanting to wait a whole year to apply? Well you’re in luck because we are providing Central IN IEC’s first-ever Accelerated Program for these individuals!


Runs: Dec. 4th, 2017 – May 14th, 2018
Class Date/Times: Monday, 4 pm – 9 pm (22 weeks, 1st year curriculum)
Cost: $1995 or $2495 with books (apprenticeship kit, 2017 code book, calculator)


– Valid Driver’s License
– Currently working with an electrical contractor
– High School Diploma or HSE (High School Equivalency)
– Pass Math and Reading Assessment with a 85% or better
– Computer access for online homework and test taking
– Because this is a rigorous, fast-paced course, applicants must have excellent work attendance, above average aptitude, computer knowledge and a strong desire to succeed.


– Apprentices will only have 1 day (5 hours) available for absences
– Apprentices will only have 1 day (5 hours) available for out of town work
– $500 deposit by November 17th, payment due in full by November 22, 2017 – no refunds after November 22, 2017

We will need at least 12 apprentices to hold this course. If you are interested, email sherri@iec-indy.org or execdir@iec-indy.org for more details on registration.

Central Nine Career Center

Central Nine Career Center is an area career/technical school dedicated to the development of the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare students for employment in a chosen career and/or furthering their education at a post-secondary institution.

On September 27th, Central IN IEC was asked to attend their Job and Resource Fair, providing information about the potential for electrical apprenticeship programs, and joined by one of our member contractors! Sherri manned our table to promote constitution trades at Central 9 to adult education students!

Thanks to Doug Hayes and IEC grad Andy Hoffman of Maxwell Electric, for helping out!

Pike High School Career Fair

Last week, Sept. 28th, Sherri and Devin were asked to attend Pike High School’s Career Speaker Day and Career Fair. They attended the post-secondary and community open house event with over 700 of their graduating seniors.

It was a packed house that morning with many schools and wonderful organizations in attendance, and the students and staff of Pike graciously provided us with ample space per booth, as well as a hot breakfast. Our Executive director and assistant set to work, speaking with students who may not have heard of or considered an Apprenticeship program out of high school. Many had not even considered doing electrical work, but after hearing what our program entailed, job security, and salary, we provided them with enough information to make an educated decision about their future, regardless of what they decide to do!

The fair itself was a blast, and we wish the best of luck to all of the graduating seniors from Pike High School and others in the area. Thank you Pike, for letting us visit and speak with your students!