Can I get a “Watt watt”? We joined with Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Central Indiana IEC hosted matches for a day to learn about trade apprenticeships. Assistant Executive, Devin Noyes, lead a discussion with Bigs and Littles about what apprenticeships are, and how they are a viable option for a rewarding, life-long career.

Following this was David Kurtz of Apex Electric, who shared his experience as an electrician. He spoke of his favorite memories, how he got started, and what he looks for in new employees. He then did a shocking demonstration, putting a live lightbulb in a tank of water! The students were surprised to see he wasn’t hurt, which drove Dave’s point home: it’s one thing to do the work, but it’s another to knowwhy it’s done that way, and what makes it possible.

Finally, third year instructor Ryan Noyes lead the matches in an activity. Matches were given a blueprint of a house on a foam board and were walked through the process of creating series and parallel circuits to light the interior of their home!

Thank you so much to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central IN for working with us to put this workshop on! We had a blast and hope to do it again soon!#BeBig#BBBSCI#BuildTheFuture#WeAreIEC💡🔌📈

Indianapolis Metropolitan High School Visits IEC!

“This is your toolbox,” James Meyer said as he pointed to his head. “And no one can take that from you. You can do anything. But you’ve got to put the work in. You’re entitled to nothing in this life, so you have to keep growing and learning. The only time you stop learning is when you die.”

Today we had the honor of hosting Indianapolis Met to discuss what apprenticeships are, what being an electrician is like, and the positive impact that the skilled trades have on our community, and our futures.

The students were a fantastic audience, engaged and interacting. They even got to take home their very own Wire Termination Twist-On Training Kit, courtesy of IDEAL Electrical and IEC of Greater Cincinnati.

We hope that they come and visit us again soon!

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Smart v Healthy for Grads

Shared to us by our very own president from InPwr Inc., “Smart vs Healthy for Grads” from TEAMinar by The Table Group:

This time of year is fraught with inaccurate and dangerous messages for high school graduates ‒ and for that matter, college grads ‒ about their futures. It is a message that is rooted in the same flawed logic that makes executives focus on making their companies smart while ignoring the more important issue of culture, or organizational health.

Here’s how it plays out.

High school counselors and college recruiters misguidedly convince students that they should try to get into the most prestigious college possible because this will determine the success of their careers and their lives. The unfortunate conclusion that teenagers draw is that their test scores, GPA, essays and strategically designed extracurricular activities will translate into happiness in adulthood. Of course, anyone over the age of forty knows that this is patently untrue.


IECF Scholarship is now open!

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