Membership Summit 2018

“What will it take for you to walk away from this conference thinking that it was a good investment of your time and resources?” Lowell asked me. Lowell was going to be our facilitator the next day, and was getting a feel for the people in the room and what they were looking for.

I pondered for a second. We were sitting in the lobby of the hotel: the reception had long since finished, but many of us were still mingling and chatting. “I would think this was a good investment if….” I said slowly, trying to gather my thoughts into one all-encompassing statement. “If I walked away knowing how to show more value to our current contractors, and could use that strategy to show prospects why they should be a member of Independent Electrical Contractors.”

Lowell may have asked me that question for his own purposes, but I didn’t realize until that moment that I needed to be asked why I was there. What was I looking for? What was I hoping to accomplish. Being asked that question gave me the opportunity to reflect and set an intention for the next two days.


The Importance of Members

At Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. – IEC ‘s Membership Summit, we talked about the importance of our members – no matter their size, when they were established, or where they’re from.

Because we know that our members are what makes us great.

Helene Wood Webster of IEC Texas Gulf Coast demonstrated this by presenting our brand new chapter, IEC Big Bend, travel expenses for this conference, so they have the opportunity to learn and grow to make their chapter the best it can be.

Not only are we learning to create and offer value for our contractor members, but we’re always learning ways to help out our chapter members as well.

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