We are Central Indiana’s chapter of The Independent Electrical Contractors, a trade association representing well over 3,000 electrical contractors in 51 chapters across the country. IEC members are engaged in the installation and maintenance of electrical wiring and devices for homes, schools, stores, highways, industrial plants and similar projects.





IEC Member Companies are Small Businesses
  • 80% of IEC member companies reported less than 50 employees.
IEC Member Companies care about Training
  • 84% of the companies reported training Apprentices.
Over 100,000 People Are Represented by IEC
  • A 2002 survey showed that IEC contractors employ over 100,000 persons.
IEC Member Companies do All Types of Electrical Work
  • Although commercial and residential work predominates, CIIEC members do institutional, industrial, utility, and service work.
IEC Member Companies are Well-Established
  • 73% of IEC Companies were formed before 1980 with the earliest established in 1893. 
IEC Member Companies are Quality Conscious
  • The IEC Quality Process Institute is training IEC members in the concepts of Total Quality Management