We’re looking for an Instructor’s Lab Assistant for our 3rd year second semester class. 


Our ideal candidate will: 

– Have graduated from Central IN IEC’s Apprenticeship program (preferred, but not required)

– Actively performed work on electrical systems in the construction, repair or design as they pertain to the residential, commercial or industrial industry

–  Possess extensive knowledge and understanding of the National Electrical Code.

– Possess good working knowledge of motor controls. 

– Have good communication skills.

– Ability to complete objectives without direct supervision.

– Teaching experience preferred, but not required upon showing of adequate teaching skills


Job Description: 

The 3rd year lab assistant will be responsible for: 

– Assisting in the set up and dismantling of lab assignments before and after class

– Help the instructor during class to provide guidance and knowledge to apprentices 

– Help grade results of labs and worksheets

– Help the instructor throughout the week plan and build classroom materials

– Other duties as deemed necessary by the instructor

The position is part time, consisting of four hours a week in class, with additional hours outside of class as deemed necessary by the lead instructor.


How to Apply: 

Fill out the application HERE. Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by someone in the office to meet with the instructor, and observe a minimum of two classes so the candidate has the opportunity to see what the class will be like, and if they are still interested. 


Please contact execdir@iec-indy.org or sherri@iec-indy.org with any questions about the position.