Hats off to our Grads!

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This past Friday, we got to celebrate our graduating 4th year apprentices as they complete our program. These gentlemen have completed their 576 classroom hours, 8,000 On the Job Training Hours, have high-paying jobs and NO DEBT! 


Congrats to the class of 2018! 







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Contractor Spotlight: National Construction Workforce

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“High schools gauge their success on how many students go to college, and I don’t think that’s a good gauge of success. I would gauge success on how well they’re able to provide for themselves and their family. If it’s going to college, so be it, but why aren’t the trades a bigger option?”



Ryan Myers of National Construction Workforce (NCW) is the youngest member on IEC’s board of directors. Because of this, and working at a staffing agency, he brings a fresh perspective to the electrical field and to the organization. His experience in high school and college are more relevant now ever. 



“80-90% of my high school went to college,” he continued. “I wish I would have taken a couple of years and worked in the field, and then, if I still wanted to go to college, I would’ve.” Myers received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Butler, but discussed the impact of student loans and wonders how things would be different if he had known about the opportunities to get into the trades when he was younger.



Because of his experience and his age, he feels that he has an advantage when speaking to high school students and younger members of the workforce.


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