GEMCO Constructors, LLC


Jim Bates,


Ph: 317-417-9885

6525 Guion Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46268

GEMCO Constructors, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, is a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing contractor providing comprehensive design and build solutions for its customers throughout the United States.

GEMCO is the culmination of hundreds of years of experience with various design-build construction firms operating in many different roles, locations, and markets.

During these individual professional journeys we have collectively learned many useful lessons regarding what must and must NOT be done in order for a project to be successful, on-time, and within budget for all parties involved.

We started this company based on the guidance of our individual partners’ best and longtime customers and the commitment of these customers to help GEMCO be successful. Without them, GEMCO would not exist, and we thank them for their continued partnership and support.