This time of year is always a special period for individuals around the country. Here, all of their hard work is showcased for their friends, family, and employers. The hours spent in class, studying, researching, and working on the job have all lead up to this moment when they finally walk across that stage and receive their certificate from Central Indiana IEC and the Department of Labor, commemorating their accomplishment. Graduation season stretches across these few months depending on the chapter, but we had the opportunity to honor our graduates last Friday, June 9th, 2017.

The evening began with a blessing from our very own talented instructor, Ed Brown. He was gracious enough to offer words of appreciation, gratitude, and pride that commemorated the spirit of what we were there to celebrate. Following this, we had dinner, a recognition of all of our wonderful sponsors that made this event possible, and highlighted our instructors.

The Apprenticeship Program at IEC simply would not be possible without the dedication and endurance of these men.

First we recognized Blake Behr of Electrical PowerTech (right). Blake is a passionate, charismatic speaker that had actually graduated for the Apprenticeship Program himself in 2012. This year he taught First Year Commercial, and presented for us this evening his keynote address to our graduates.

Next was Ed Brown of Electrical PowerTech (center), a kind but stern man that really challenges his students to live up to their potential, and who also graduated from the Apprenticeship Program in 2011. This year he taught Second Year Commercial, by far our most challenging course.

Finally we had Ian Oliver of ReVolt Electric (left), who began as a teaching assistant. He stepped up to the plate, however, when the current instructor resigned, and Ian filled his position to finish the school year. Ian is an entrepreneur, and one of our newest graduates to instruct, having gained his certificate in 2016. Ian taught Fourth Year Commercial this academic year.

Not shown above, however, is Jim Meyer of Hendricks Power, who could not attend because he was doing a mission trip in Europe. It’s characteristics like the ones that Jim displays that embodies the kind of individuals that Central IEC employs: people who put everything they have, and everything they are, into supporting and uplifting others around them. Jim taught First and Third Year Commercial this academic year.

Then, of course, was the recognition of our graduates.

All of our graduates received their diplomas, a certificate to sit for the Master Electrician Exam, letters of recommendation from our instructors and our Executive Director, Sherri Puckett, and a bag of goodies sponsored by IEC Nationals, Home Depot, Bailey Tool & Supply, Milwaukee Tool, and Thomas & Betts to help them begin their careers as journeymen.

Our Graduating Class of 2016 included Kayd Ayres, Mark Bedwell, Richard King III, David Mayo, Jonathan Mullins, Tim Oberg, James (Gonzo) Schatz, and John Wallace. These men graduated with an average grade of 93.11%, a combine

d total of 4,872 classroom hours, and a combined total of 62,588 on the job training hours. Stating that graduating from this course isn’t easy is an understatement. The time management and hard works that it takes juggling family, class, homework, working full-time, and every other responsibility that life throws your way is an extreme undertaking over the course of four years. But these men persevered, and we could not be prouder of them. Here is your Central Indiana IEC’s graduating class! We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

Be sure to check out the slideshow below to see all of the pictures from the Graduation Ceremony and Reception.