Our Teacher Tuesday series continues with none other but our very own Alan Parish! Alan is actually a graduate from Central Indiana IEC who started his own business, and is now sending his own apprentices through the program! Alan co-owns AMPED Electrical Services, which was featured as a case study for a vehicle marketing company. You can also find them on their Facebook page, where they already have a 5 star rating. Now, let’s go ahead and meet the man behind the company, Alan!



Alan Parish



Hey Alan! What’s your current occupation?



How did you first get involved with IEC?


I got started as an apprentice in 2007.


And so the apprentice becomes the master….

What are you most excited for this academic year?


Refreshing my knowledge of codes and wiring methods.



What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?


Building a specific set of skills. There is always something to learn.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself! 


I can eat good pizza any day any time. I have 3 dogs and I play guitar.



Advice for new students this year? 


Pay attention. Persistence pays off!


What do you like to do in your free time?


Play guitar, boat, ride motorcycles.



Alan is an example that I like to use when I’m doing registration: he really embodies the life cycle that we stress to new applicants. There is so much upward mobility in the electrical industry, and Alan proves it. With an education you can move up to a project manager, create your own business, and teach others. And that’s what IEC is really all about: providing resources and education to the next generation of electricians. We’re so happy to have Alan on board and to see how he does in his first year of teaching. 


Join me in welcoming Alan!