What does it mean to be a Contractor Member? 


Central Indiana IEC is focused on industry advancement and business promotion for the members of the association. IEC provides vital industry support and leading programs for independent contracting companies across Central Indiana.


As a Contractor Member of IEC, you open up your business to countless benefits to enhance your business, including: free business development events, strength-in-numbers political representation, discounts from big names in the industry, business promotion activities and special events, and premium discounts on all IEC apprentice training and Energy Academy education programs.


In addition to your local membership with IEC, you will also be connected as a member of our national association, providing you with further benefits designed to improve your productivity, increase your job site safety, represent open-market businesses at the federal level, and programs to bolster your bottom line.


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What does it mean to be an Associate Partner? 


Building a stronger industry, Central Indiana IEC offers Associate Partner memberships to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, specialty service providers, and other key businesses that support contractor member companies. 


Industry Partner members believe in the mission of IEC and in the quality contractors that the association represents. IEC provides exposure opportunities for Associate Partners through affinity programs, sponsorship programs, and providing a host of events for Associate Partners to meet with IEC Contractor Member company representatives.


The relationships that IEC Associate Partner members and Contractor Members have developed over the years are not only mutually profitable for respective businesses, but the formation of life-long friendships.


IEC Contractor Members turn to Associate Partners for the services they need to effectively manage their businesses. IEC Associate Partners are experts in their trade and essential to elevating the excellence within the IEC community.



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