Last week, Sept. 28th, Sherri and Devin were asked to attend Pike High School’s Career Speaker Day and Career Fair. They attended the post-secondary and community open house event with over 700 of their graduating seniors.

It was a packed house that morning with many schools and wonderful organizations in attendance, and the students and staff of Pike graciously provided us with ample space per booth, as well as a hot breakfast. Our Executive director and assistant set to work, speaking with students who may not have heard of or considered an Apprenticeship program out of high school. Many had not even considered doing electrical work, but after hearing what our program entailed, job security, and salary, we provided them with enough information to make an educated decision about their future, regardless of what they decide to do!

The fair itself was a blast, and we wish the best of luck to all of the graduating seniors from Pike High School and others in the area. Thank you Pike, for letting us visit and speak with your students!